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Bump your Free Classified Bank Equipment ad back to the Top for just $1.00

    Uncategorized    July 27, 2016

What does Bump your ad for a Dollar do?

Moves your ad to the top of the main listings, below Top Ads, when results are sorted by “Most Recent”. Your ad stays at the top of the category until other ads are posted, it will then move down the listings.

Bump Up your ad is the most cost effective way to get more views, as ads on the first page of a category get more visitors and more replies than ads on other pages.

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Millennials to banks: More mobile, please

    Technology    July 20, 2016

As American Millennials are joining Baby Boomers and Gen Xers as the country’s main breadwinners, they’re leading a financial revolution in what they want from banks and in how they prefer to manage their finances. And if banks want to keep customers, they’ll need to adapt to the latest generation’s needs and desires – and realize Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are following fast on the Millennials lead.   Mashable  -More-

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Gone from the cutting-edge bank: Tellers

    Banking News, Technology, Uncategorized    April 11, 2016

When Wells Fargo opened its first high-tech branch three years ago in the District’s NoMa neighborhood, it did away with desks and replaced traditional counters with large touch-screen ATMs. -More-

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Banks Trim 1,600 Branches to Cut Costs, Redirect Assets

    Banking News    October 1, 2014

Banks closed more than 1,600 branches across the nation over the past year, as companies directed more attention to dealing with customers through -more-

Credit: azcentral.com




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Apple to Use NFC, Tokenization in Payments, Sources Say

    Technology    September 8, 2014

Apple will be utilizing near field communication (NFC) technology and tokenization technology in the new iPhone 6 and iWatch as a part of its payments initiative, according to sources close to Apple and with knowledge of Apple’s plans for its new smartphone.

In addition, Bank Innovation has uncovered Apple patents dating back to 2009 related to the tokenization process, confirming the company’s long-standing interest in tokenization.


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iPhone 5 | OtterBox — Great Product Design

    Bank Equipment, Technology    August 6, 2014

iPhone 5 Hit by Baseball Bat in OtterBox


Just a short blog about two products that are both well designed and work well together. Don’t ask why someone would do this. They did. A friend at work has an iPhone 5 that his son (Walter Pelak) keeps in an OtterBox. For whatever reason he felt the need to try and hit the OtterBox with the iPhone 5 in it with a Baseball bat. As if he was at batting practice. He connected at full speed. This is the result. THE PHONE WORKS! No glass damage. No circuit board damage. just the metal house bent and popped from the screen at the top of the iPhone. This is incredible engineering for both products. Hope to have more Great designs soon.

Please check back See it on Pintrest

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Limited Time Sale! All Featured Ads $25 from $35

    Uncategorized    March 5, 2013

For a limit time BankEquipment Dot Com has the Featured Ad function on Sale. By the way the Featured ad is the rotating images at the top of the page. These stay no matter how many get put in as Free below.

And of course all and as many as you want non featured ads are always FREE.

Thank you, Mark Bohnhoff

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Bank Vault in the National Bank of Detroit

    Uncategorized    June 8, 2012

Bagley-Clifford Office of the National Bank of Detroit

From the book “The Ruins of Detroit” by French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. The photographs reveal to an astonished America the scale of decay in Detroit and the ruins of a once great city.

Bagley-Clifford Office of the National Bank of Detroit

Bagley-Clifford Office of the National Bank of Detroit

To see more photos from the book: Photo Gallery – The Ruins of Detroit To purchase the book from Buy.com To purchase the book from Amazon

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Ad Submission NOW Working Properly

    Bank Equipment    March 29, 2012

A thank you needs to go out to Brennan H. for informing us that the ad submission process within our classifieds website was not working properly.

As soon as we received the email from Brennan we jumped into action and quickly found and solved the issue. The ad submission process is now working properly.

Again, a big thanks to Brennan and if you encounter anything on Bank Equipment Dot Com FREE Classifieds that doesn’t seem to be functioning properly please send us an email through the Contact page.

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Free Trial of our 125 x 125 Banners Ads here for FSPA members

    Bank Equipment    February 14, 2012

If you are one of the 296 Financial & Security Products Association (FSPA) members, feel free to send us your 125 x 125 pixel ad or ads to run for FREE for three months on Bank Equipment Dot Com! No contract to sign, no follow up phone calls, just a free trial that will end after three months unless you call us to keep your ad on Bank Equipment Dot Com. Give it a try. Contact us by Clicking Here and sending us an email or calling us. We look forward to being of service to you.

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Superb Collection of Bank Time Lock Safes

    Bank Equipment    November 18, 2011

Diebold Time Lock Safe

Diebold Time Lock Safe

Diebold Time Lock Safe

Diebold Time Lock Safe

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Interesting Use of a Vault Door

    Uncategorized    July 21, 2011

If you are building a safety shelter to protect your family from nature’s wrath you need a strong vault door from http://www.vaultdoors.org

When a tornado strikes, you may only have but a few minutes to react and get your family into a safe place. One of the most important things at that point is that the vault door fuctions properly when you need it.

Vault Door Installed as part of safe room.

Vault door installed as part of safe room.

Vault Door for Safe Room

Vault door being prepared for shipping.

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GRG Bank Equipment Wins $35.5M Order from Turkey

    Bank Equipment    April 15, 2011

GRG International, won $35.5 million worth of orders for cash recycling machines from Ziraat Bank, reports Securities Times, citing a company filing.

source – capitalvue.com


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Switch Over Has Occurred!

    Bank Equipment    April 15, 2011

The switch to the new BankEquipment.com FREE Classifieds website took place on 04/15/2011.

If your account is not usable or it looks like the account did not make the migration, please re-register.

Thank you

M. Bohnhoff, Inc.

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